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Job Search Laws

What if I could put the process in your hand that would have you start getting interviews THIS WEEK—today even, and depending on the hiring cycles, could have you hired as early as next week?

That problem is they have to apply online.  The online application game puts all of the power in the hands of employers, and it puts job seekers in a very passive role—that is, fill out the application then wait. IF they like your resume, or IF they select your application, then MAYBE the employer will get back to you.
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Get Hired! Cover Letters THAT WORK! – Write Cover Letters That Get Results!

Hi!, I am very happy that I read your series. I’m actually blown away at the amount of information that you’ve passed along. I wasn’t expecting 40+ pages on just cover letters! I thought I was getting along with my old cover letter writing techniques, but now that I think about it, I think those were the reason I went on so many interviews without getting a job! Awesome information. Thanks!

If you’ve been struggling with getting a new job or landing your dream job, this page will explain the critical mistakes that you’ve been making that are holding you back from success.
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