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Land and Offshore Oil Industry Workers

We have been helping people gain employment in the land and offshore oil industry since 1998. offers you the best employment placement service for the offshore oil industry available today. You can not get off to a better and faster start. 100% Guaranteed.

We uncover the best kept employment secret. Ever wonder why some unlikely guys get a job in oil and gas and you don’t?
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I Want $400 In Two Weeks Need Temp Job That Pays Cash Want To Make Some Quick Fast Money and Earn Extra Money Today

"You can earn extra money today – $10.00 to $20.00 to $30.00 or more an hour! Tax Free! Learn the secrets to jobs that pay per day. Real jobs for men, women, or teenagers. These opportunities have been around for a long time. They’ll only be new to you if you don’t know about them."

Do you need to make some extra money so you can get more stuff? Because we all need more stuff.Can’t ever have enough.
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the Bouncer Hand Bbook

It has been some time since I last worked as a bouncer at a night club. This handy book brought back some great memories of how much fun it used to be. It contains lots of great information and tips that I totally agree with. Boy I really miss having that wad of extra cash to go home with after every shift.

Everything that Mark talks about in his book is true. Bouncing at a strip club is a more about managing the girls than keeping the customers in line. If you have them under control then the rest will all fall into place. And if they are making money then you are making money.
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