Not so many years ago, I had a “good job” working for a software company. I had a good salary, good benefits, and bonuses when we had a good quarter. I got along well with my boss and co-workers. Sometimes I traveled. Otherwise I worked from my home office.

My job had evolved to be mostly handling disgruntled clients. When I answered the telephone, when I opened my e-mails, when I checked voicemail – I knew what most of them would be.

I continued on this way for about 3 1/2 years. I enjoyed occasionally being the hero, but over time, with more and more clients with more and more problems, and with less and less money at my disposal to address those problems, I found myself less able to be the hero.

More often I was a punching bag. I was frequently upbraided, yelled at, cursed at – even physically threatened on a couple of occasions.

I came to really hate beginning my work day. But like a good soldier, I hunkered down and kept at it.

Because work isn’t supposed to be fun, is it? I mean, that’s why they call it “work”, right?

The company I worked for had been bought. My boss called to tell me that she had been ordered to make some personnel cuts. I was senior, so she was giving me a choice: Did I want to take a severance package, or did I want to stay on as part of a smaller, leaner department.

I asked what the severance package was. My boss said she thought she could get me 6 months salary and benefits. I jumped at it.

And so, for the first time in years, I was unemployed. I wasn’t worried. I had money in the…

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