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Here’s your chance to get the latest, most proven methods for easily passing your polygraph exam …and it can all be in your hands in less than two minutes from right now!

If you have a polygraph test scheduled for your near future as part of the hiring process for a job in security, law enforcement or public safety…and you want to avoid being part of the 50% + of good, honest people that fail their polygraphs due to “polygraph error” and bogus testing, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

I’m going to provide you information that’s not available from anyone other than trained Certified Polygraph Examiners.  Don’t believe these scammers trying to steal your money with bogus claims and false promises.  They’re selling worthless copied material that has no value.

I am a trained and Certified Polygraph Examiner with hours of training and study.  You can be certain any information received from me will be valid. 

Any honest polygraph examiner will tell you that pre-employment polygraph tests, a.k.a.“screening exams” are nothing more than watered-down “fishing expeditions” that have absolutely no place in the field of polygraph. In fact, these bogus tests have absolutely zero studies and zero research to prove any type of reliability or validity.

The fact is, the scientific community has widely criticized these bogus tests, but despite a drastic lack of consensus and countless cries about the polygraph being a bunch of “bull” the government keeps soldiering on with them, knowing full well they just don’t work like they would like them to.

These employment polygraph tests do have their place…and that place is to scare you into coming clean before you take the test!

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